What Will Holidays Look Like Now?

We hope everyone is staying safe, staying at home and trying to stay sane! We wanted to share a little bit of positive news, although it looks as if our precious holiday-time is quite a way off will undoubtedly return and when it does, it may look pretty different to how it used to.

Recently we’ve been extremely busy with brochure requests, enquiries, and our website has received a number of new subscribers – we thank you for joining us and welcome to Stewart’s Resort. We think more of you might be joining us because we're thinking along the same lines...

We’ve been thinking about how people will want to holiday after it’s been deemed safe to travel again and the obvious choice is going to be a British break. More people will be looking for getaways around the country and Scotland is going to be a popular choice. St Andrews being one of the highlights offering some of the countries finest golf courses, beautiful countryside, beaches and quaint streets.

Readers ask Huffington Post:

Where should I go on holiday then?

Given its rapid movement so far, Covid-19 is likely to make its way into more countries as the months pass. If you’re yet to book a summer holiday, it might be worth holding off – last minute bookings come summer could be your best bet, when we will know more about the virus and where it has spread. If you want to book something, it might be worth opting for a staycation – a holiday in the UK – instead.

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With a lodge investment at St Andrews you can expect an attractive return as we forecast an even busier time ahead of us than before.

We have a really exciting development to bring to you in the months ahead, our leisure centre will not only offer food and drink but also a gym, spa, shopping and beauty treatments for our guests both on and off the resort.

We have every confidence in our product and the future of our industry – the UK holiday market. We’re committed to working with you where COVID-19 has affected your circumstances and you will not lose your deposit during these difficult times. We understand everyone’s situation is different and so is our approach.

Stay at home and experience the virtual tour of inside our lodges, if you’re interested in any of our models we can record a guided walk-through for you, or even arrange a facetime call to allow you to ask questions and take a closer look at certain features within.


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St Andrews attracts over £110 million in tourism each year

45% of St Andrews tourism income is from accommodation rental

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