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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Here at Stewart's Resort, we will continue to cater to our existing customer's needs and new ones alike.

Our staff are working from home and coming on-site individually, where necessary, to video-conference with clients and allow them to virtually tour models they're interested in.

You can still request a brochure and site map to be sent to you via e-mail or post - use our contact form on the website to order yours.

Investors Insight...

As stock markets across the world take a hit, investors back-pedal to reduce their losses.

Recent volatility across the world’s stock markets has thrown many investors into panic. As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, with infections now reported in 176 countries, the impact on the international economy has been severe.

A major worldwide health crisis such as this one only creates more ambiguity that the markets are not prepared to deal with.

Investors look for safe havens

More people globally invest in the stock market than in more stable options such as property. Property tends to require a larger amount of capital in the beginning, can be more difficult to liquidate, and may be seen as a more “hands-on” investment.

However, what’s happened recently in the stock markets demonstrates how market volatility can create a high-risk environment. Investor sentiment can heavily influence the market, including fear and short-term expectations.

Avoid the volatility with long-term gains

Over the past 20 years, real estate investment has outperformed the stock market by around two to one. This indicates the long-term nature of success in investment.

While some investors will always opt for stock markets, property holds a number of major benefits. Investors are often able to diversify their assets, not putting all their cash in one place.

Property investment can also provide a consistent, predictable and passive rental income, with even fully hands-off options available.

With the right investment choice, the outcome is unlikely to see the same major ups and downs that we see in the stock markets.

Holiday habits

Once the country recovers from Coronavirus they’ll be looking to holiday right here in the UK rather than going abroad. St Andrews is a popular attraction for families and couples looking for a bit of relaxation, leisure and beautiful Scottish landscape. The area generates a consideration amount of capitol each year, with around half of that coming from accommodation rentals. If you’re looking to secure your investment, a luxurious holiday lodge could be your stable solution while the market recovers.

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